Why not take a few weeks and join us in a different country doing God’s work?

It has been said that OM invented Short Term Missions. Many long term workers got their first taste serving cross culturally through short term mission trips. Maybe you are curious, maybe you only have a couple of weeks a year, maybe you just aren’t sure. That’s okay!

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OM ARTS Incarnate 2018 - Visual Arts (29 January 2018)

The aim of the programme is to prepare you as a whole person and how you apply your artistic skill and gifts in a missional and cross cultural context. You will use art in many of your course assignments and also be mentored in your art form.

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Day of Prayer for orphans dance and fine arts awareness campaign (03 November 2017)

Are you an artist or dancer and are willing to use your talents to put together a theatrical dance performance that can both be performed on stage as well as a flash mob? Do you have a heart for orphans? We are also looking for both dancers and fine artists willing to create works during the outreach - inspired by the huge orphan problem in Ukraine and to travel with a prayer team to orphanages and perform in a flash mob as an awareness campaign in the city center while our volunteers hand out flyers about how to help orphans.


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