OM organises and leads scores of mission trips each year. The ones you find on this page are specialist trips for people interested in the application of the arts in different cultures.
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August 2018

Tanzania OM Arts-HSI Seminar for Pastors & Musicians

This five-day seminar will help church people, specifically pastors and musicians, understand Biblical ideas about culture, identity, and the arts, as well as what implications those perspectives have on their everyday lives. Our hope is that by the end of this seminar, participants will understand that worship can be made beautiful and may in fact be deeper when it includes traditional arts, as well as begin to find ways to incorporate traditional arts and artists into their churches/lives in Biblically appropriate ways.

October 2018

Malawi OM Arts-HSI Seminar with New Life Anointed Ministries

The purpose of this project is two-fold. First, the purpose is a vision trip to learn as much as we can about our hosts so as to evaluate the potential for long-term partnership. Second, we will meet a stated need for training in the Biblical principles of arts and worship.

May 2019

Sierra Leone OM Arts HSI Sierra Leone

This trip will have two parts. The first set of workshops, located in a coastal area, will focus on ethnoarts, encouraging contextualized drama, dance, art and music that correlate with Bible stories, especially stories that have fear/power and honor/shame themes. The second set, located a day away, will focus on trauma healing through the arts.


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