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You are a minister of the Church.
God has gifted you, an artist, to bring people closer to Him.

Consider the account of Bezalel (the artist) in Exodus 31.  The Bible tells us that Bezalel was filled with the Holy Spirit, with God given skill and creativity.  Bezel worked with a team, under the leadership and covering of Moses.

The ability to create artistically is given by God! Therefore, you and your art have a high purpose in God’s economy. There is a place for you to be an artist doing God's work just about anywhere in the world.

“Artists today have a unique purpose to fulfil in the world. The responsibility is great and yet the reward is satisfying. Our slogan at Project Dance is “Perform with integrity to inspire.” I encourage artists of this generation to uphold integrity in their personal lives and in the art they oversee, to receive inspiration from God and his beautiful creation. In doing so we will see art and culture reflect the truest beauty of the human experience as it ponders the deeper things of God’s reality.” ~ Cheryl Cutlip is the executive director of The Project Dance Foundation (


Dance communicates powerfully through movement.  Movement depicts a story or a principle through actions and symbols. Combined with music, dance is powerful, emotive and beautiful.  Dance is an act of worship when given to God.  God will shine His message through your inner beauty, to speak through the dance.  He will speak so much more through you.

Have you ever considered being a 'minister' to people through dance?  Whether through teaching classes or giving performances, you'd be surprised at the opportunities which exist.  Go on a short term trip for a few weeks or consider longer term service.    


In connecting with any culture, it is critical to understand the heart language of that culture.  Obviously, verbal language is an important tool for communication and understanding one another, but beyond the verbal, there is a deeper heart connection people have to their culture - the arts.  In many non western cultures, believers are worshipping and expressing themselves to God in an artistic "second language".  Often, worships songs are translated from English into their heart language, and western music is often a default, in the absence of arts expressions that embody and celebrate their own culture.  This dynamic applies to other art forms in the Church as well.

You can play a dynamic role by coming alongside brothers and sisters from around the world to encourage and help them develop their own heart arts languages for worship, outreach and discipleship. This is Heart Sounds International:  helping ignite biblically appropriate and culturally relevant heart worship in places where Christ-followers are restricted, persecuted or unknown.

HSI works in partnership with local churches, ministries and mission organisations that have local vision, commitment, and involvement, in order to help fulfil the Great Commission and see spiritual maturity developed in believers through their worship and arts expressions.

Partnerships can result in producing audio and/or video recordings, teaching principles of worship, facilitating song-writing workshops, concerts or other arts related events, and teaching principles of media production.


Music is a global phenomena -- it is a component of every culture world wide.  As a musician, you naturally gravitate to wards music and people as a place and means of connection.  In missions, musicians are so important in helping local churches become vibrant and healthy, connect to the local community, communicate God's truths and bring people together.  

In the Bible, we see the pattern of the priestly function of musicians and singers.  Guess what?  You can still be a part of that priestly function!


No live arts performance, film, or video is complete without the partnership of good technical production - lights, sound, camera, multi media to name a few.  While people often take technicians and your artistry for granted, your contribution is so valued and neccessary. This extends to sound recording, video production, film making, writing and just about anything that combines artistry with technology - you decide.

Work with dancers, musicians and multimedia artists with God as your boss.


Acting, writing, dance, music, technical production, costume design - it all comes together in theatre.  Many cultures value the use of theatre in many formats and settings.  Maybe you are in a state-of-the-art theater, or perhaps performing under a tree.  Does it really matter when you are following God's call?


Visual artists of all types can have a profound effective in missions.  Painting, sculpture, drawing, mixed media, installations, photography and many others, are artistic expressions that draw people into deeper things.  The visual arts allow people to take as long as they want to soak in the artwork and ponder the questions and messages contained within.

How will you use see God use your artistic gift for His purposes?



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