In 1957, the response to the very first work in Mexico, of what would become known as OM, was so encouraging that a Christian bookshop was opened and evangelistic radio broadcasts were launched. From then on, the ministry of OM grew quickly to Western Europe in 1960, to the Middle East by 1963 and to India the next year. In 1970 the OM Ships ministry began and expanded the reach around the world with visits to port cities.

Today, OM has more than 3,200 missionaries who work in more than 110 countries and on board one ship.

During the years since 1957, millions of Bibles and other publications of Christian literature have been distributed. (The OM ships alone have distributed more than 2 million Bibles and New Testaments.) Countless numbers of people around the world have encountered the Gospel through OM teams, and many have received practical help such as relief supplies, food, water, medicine, education, job skills training or other assistance. And, Christians around the world have gained experience in telling others about Jesus.

OM has trained more than 125,000 people worldwide in sharing the good news, discipleship and cross-cultural work.

OM Arts International was ‘born’ in 2009 with the support of senior OM leadership and Dr. Colin Harbinson, a forerunner in the arts and cross-cultural work. As an organisation, OM International made the decision to create a place for high quality arts ministry within OM, and to form OM Arts International to spearhead and champion that ministry. OM recognises that the arts are on the cutting edge of global missions today.



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