• Ritornerai - Incarnate 2016

  • Dance Warrior


    Photography: Garrett Nasrallah

    When I was a little kid, God spoke to my mom’s friend He told her that I am a ‘dance warrior.’ I didn’t know what that meant, and to be quite honest I thought it was strange. I hadn’t even started dancing yet. During the first week of Incarnate, OM Arts Director Bill Drake told me I am a ‘dance

  • International Arts Festival Impacts Italian Community

    Photograph: Garrett Nasrallah

    ISOLA DEL GRAN SASSO, ITALY – Visual and performing artists presented a display of eclectic works during the international art Festival Week hosted by OM Arts International’s Incarnate programme.

    The festival was the culmination of the artists’ hard work while at Incarnate. It was a celebration of the

  • Prophetic Art

    Artists participating in the Incarnate programme were charged with creating a collaborative piece of prophetic art intended to speak to the people of the local community, Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy.


    Incarnate is a 16-week holistic discipleship programme for artists led by OM Arts International. The first twelve weeks are spent in residence

  • How then, should we pray?

    Have you noticed that missionaries often say that their greatest need is prayer? Artists on mission are no exception.

    "Praying for one another is an important part of community. It allows us to walk together as the Body of Christ and stand by one another as children of God," Ned H., an OM volunteer, explains. 

    However, praying for the needs of artist missionaries can be difficult if we don’t know what to pray for.

    The best thing to do is to ask an artist in

  • Artists transform conversations into creativity


    On a Friday afternoon, all 26 artists from the OM Arts Incarnate training and discipleship programme in Italy loaded up into buses and headed into the nearby town of Isola del Gran Sasso, charged with a united purpose: to cultivate meaningful conversations with the local people.

    As part of the Incarnate programme, the artists were asked to intentionally have deep discussions with locals and to

  • Culture Shock

    ...and then the angry man punched the Bus Driver in the face...
    You know, there is only one thing in life that we can control - only one.  And when things don't go the way we like, we still have control of that one thing.  And this became so apparent
  • Benvenuto a Incarnate


    On Saturday, 6 February, OM Arts introduced the locals of Isola del Gran Sasso to Incarnate - a programme dedicated to teaching artists to work in cross-cultural missions. 

    “We have these awesome creative people, we’re in this beautiful place and we find ourselves in the midst of people who need Jesus,” said Bill Drake, the director of Incarnate and OM Arts. “It was such a

  • Living For God's Glory

    If I thought of 'glory' I'd think first of kings or mountains; splendid things, things which are edged in gold, and distant and massive and ancient. 

    And if I was thinking of God's glory I could very well stare at mountains- they're His after all- their beauty suggests His and their majesty suggests His. I can look at mountains and remember that God's glory is a powerful thing (so powerful, that when

  • Perspective



    Recently a number of us from the OM Arts Incarnate training climbed up to Vaccara, a high vantage point overlooking the Italian Alps. This point rewards those who would venture there with a 360º view of some of the most awesome landscape within a thousand miles.

  • Transcendence

    Last night, I witnessed transformation.

    Saturday evenings, our Incarnate participants present their creative response homework assignments. It’s a highlight for many of us to see what they’ve worked on all week (or longer). 

    Last night the dancers went first. We were all impressed at the marked improvement in them after only a few weeks—not only in technique, but in their ability to creatively interpret a heart theme. Then, the last dancer got up, and brought the house

  • The power of prayer and fasting

    This is a note that was recently shared with the Incarnate 2012 staff and participants from a person in Northern Africa who said "yes" to setting aside time to fast and pray - God is doing amazing things!

    "I just wanted to pass on some thoughts that came out of my fasting and praying for the arts school :

  • Artists with personality


    After countless hours of planning, praying, and preparing for the launch of this pilot program, Incarnate was finally here. The students arrived in the flesh, and as they did, our mounting anticipation transformed into grateful joy. We spent the weekend in a flurry of activity to orient the students to their new home, lay the ground work

  • O.M. Arts School of Mission scheduled to open in Italy!


    Go anywhere in the world and talk to anyone committed to arts ministry.  Over and over again, you’ll hear the same thing: “God is moving in new ways through the arts.”  So much is happening that clearly God’s hand is behind this movement.

  • The beautiful gift of art.

    "No one's every prayed for me like that....you all are the first nice people that I've met here."

    An artist's experience of touching a life through the beautiful gift of art.

    The more I make art, the more time I spend in the studio and the more I develop as an artist... the more I discover something about this creative process: Art is a therapy.

  • Still seeking partners

    Our 2011 OM Arts Auction has come and gone and we are ever growing closer to our goal for our 2012 budget. We are still looking for a few key individuals to give to specific projects, including Incarnate 2012 (the International School of Mission) that begins in February. Please contact us if you're interested in getting involved and partnering with us on this amazing journey HE has called us to!


  • What a short term trip did to a pastor!

    A senior pastor recently went on a vision  trip with to the Middle East. Here is what he wrote about the transformation he experienced in his life and ministry when he returned:

    My preaching has changed.
    I have a greater zeal to see the church become the mobilized body of Jesus, and it is reflected in my challenges.


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