Applications now open for dance, musictheatre and visual arts.

To incarnate is to flesh out an intangible idea. As the Father created and revealed His invisible qualities, and Christ incarnated to reveal the Father, artists create and incarnate spiritual truths in their mediums.  In doing so, artists bring hope to the world. As artists in the body of Christ, this is the daily reality of our calling.

In Isola del Gran Sasso, in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. We will be at the Centro Evangelico Isola (Isola Evangelical Center).  Field placements will be in varying locations where we have arts bases.

1 October, 2017 - application deadline
20 November, 2017 - all money due
29 January, 2018 - arrive at Isola Del Gran Sasso, Italy
19 April, 2018 - graduation ceremony
21 April, 2018 - travel from Isola to placement country
19 May, 2018 - placement complete, fly home

Yes, as part of the application process, you will be asked to submit a portfolio/audition, which will then be assessed by a jury in your artistic discipline.  We seek artists who are proficient and dedicated to their craft.  But we also desire artists who have thought about how their art intersects their Christian faith, and how their artistic gifts can bring joy and hope to others.

Whilst Incarnate is not primarily an art school, there will be roughly twenty hours of studio time per week.  Each discipline will have a mentor dedicated to coaching you throughout the programme. Plus, we will have guest artists coming to speak into your work.  We believe you will improve as an artist, as has been the case for previous Incarnate participants.

So, although the emphasis and focus of Incarnate is not about improving artistic skill, expect the creativity and depth of your work to improve and blossom as you focus on integrating healthy perspectives of God, yourself, your art, and your engagement with the world.

Yes.  Each course will include a weekly homework assignment, adapted to the material, and designed to make it relevant to your art and faith.  Assignments may include, but are not limited to, reading, writing, cultural research, reflection, study, exploring your inner or outer world, and creating.  Expect to spend several hours a week on homework, depending on your level of proficiency in English.

Accommodation is 'hotel style' in shared rooms.  Towels and linens will be provided.  Once your application is completed, you will receive a detailed packing list, and other practical information about the programme and location.

Incarnate is the beginning of a journey.  Throughout the programme, you'll be presented with opportunities to serve in Europe and elsewhere, through your vocation in art.  We look forward to praying with you and supporting you as you continue on your journey of pursuing God's call on your life.

As with any vocation, there are Biblical principles to learn and pursue.  Some vocations have principles more explicit than others.  Artistry, however, is one calling to which the Bible speaks richly.  Our study gets dramatically expanded when we consider that God reveals His character to us through His creativity in nature and in the Incarnation of Christ.  "What does it mean to be an artist in the kingdom of God?" suddenly becomes, "What is God like?" 

First of all, Incarnate offers a dedicated time to wrestle through these questions under the guidance of those who have already done so. Sure, an artist who loves Jesus can - and should - spend their lifetime aligning their creativity with God's character.  But pondering with artists from around the world infuses thought and discussions with perspectives difficult to develop within your own context. After three months with the Incarnate community, you will spend a fourth month on the Field, putting into practice what you have learned and experienced.

Secondly, consider the current Western perspective: that artistic self-expression is at least as important as technique.  What a great opportunity this is for the Christ-centered artist!  But if we force art to be or say anything specific, it becomes propaganda.  So another important emphasis of Incarnate is cultivating the artist's spiritual maturity.  A good tree bears good fruit.  Discipleship is for everyone, everywhere.  But at Incarnate, you will get the unique opportunity to grow in an ideal environment with a specialized, caring, international community?

Finally, serving cross-culturally is a vocation in and of itself.  If you feel called to work in another culture, then there are skills to acquire: language learning, deciphering needs and world-views, and simply learning to express unconditional love to complete strangers.  Add in cross-cultural perspectives of art and art-making and you have Incarnate: unique and transforming in the world of mission.

These are the main three issues Incarnate addresses.  All together, Incarnate is unique. We know of no other programme like it.

OM Italy (now OM Italia) was the first to invite us!  When we heard the vision for arts in a valley where many died so that the gospel could go through Europe, we wanted to support the vision and legacy of the Waldensians.  We are considering other parts of the world now as the vision for Incarnate spreads through our students.

Incarnate is more than art.  It is understanding and being able to articulate God’s view of the arts.  It is maturing in the faith, and learning to produce art out of a purified heart, not out of our wounds or immaturity.  It is learning how to bridge cultural barriers through our art, so that we will communicate effectively, with compassion and sensitivity.



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